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Various - AK79

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AK 79 double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with 12 page booklet featuring liner notes, artist bios, history and more.

December 2019 marks the 40 year anniversary of an important record in NZ history; AK79. Within the grooves of this historical landmark compilation lies a connection to our musical whakapapa as New Zealanders and music lovers. A defining record, having captured a raw snapshot of the punk subculture in Auckland during the late 70s, the much-loved compilation is a living, breathing statement of what came before today.

Raw, unfiltered, shambolic madness. The vision to capture the scene began with Bryan Staff (Head of Ripper Records) who saw reason to capture the music coming out of the local punk venues of the time.

Originally released by Ripper Records in December 1979, bands that featured on the original pressing included The SwingersThe ScavengersThe PrimmersProud ScumToy Love and The Terrorways. The abrasive and empowered response to the overindulgent progressive rock and glam rock music of the 70s, speaking out and saying something for the working class youth of today, in one of the most important times in New Zealand ‘rock’ history.

The original master was discarded in 1982, which only created a demand for this enigmatic record. Responding to the call, an expanded version of AK79 arose, released only on CD by Simon Grigg and Roger Shepherd as a joint release by Propeller Records and Flying Nun Records in 1993. This time there were some late additions, including tracks from The Suburban ReptilesThe Spelling MistakesThe Features and The Marching Girls, along with additional tracks from the first pressing. This particular reissue was remastered and mixed by Grigg, and came bundled with additional liner notes by Grigg, Staff and The Terrorways’ own Kerry Buchanan.

Forty years on from its initial release, the spirit of the record still packs a punch and the feeling captured in these recordings are as relevant as ever.


  1. The Scavengers - Mysterex 
  2. The Terrorways - Never Been To Borstal
  3. Proud Scum - I Am A Rabbit
  4. The Scavengers - True Love
  5. Proud Scum - Suicide
  6.  The Terrorways - She’s A Mod
  7. The Swingers - Certain Sound
  8. The Primmers - Funny Stories
  9. Toy Love - Squeeze 
  10. The Swingers - Baby
  11.  The Primmers - You’re Gonna Get Done
  12. Toy Love - Toy Love Song
  13. Suburban Reptiles - Megaton
  14. Suburban Reptiles - Coup D'etat
  15. The Scavengers - Routine
  16. Proud Scum - Suicide 2
  17. The Terrorways - Short Haired Rock And Roll
  18. Toy Love - Frogs
  19. Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night Stay At Home
  20. Features - City Scenes
  21. The Spelling Mistakes - Feel So Good
  22. Marching Girls - First In Line
  23.  The Spelling Mistakes - Hate Me Hate Me
  24. Features - Victim
  25. Marching Girls - True Love