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The Chills

The Chills - Brave Words (Expanded and Remastered)

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RELEASE: 1987   REISSUE: 2023

Originally released in 1987, the album features some of The Chills’ most treasured hits, including 'House with a Hundred Rooms', ‘Night Of Chill Blue’ and ‘Wet Blanket’. The reissue will also include previously unreleased bonus tracks and unseen photos; an essential for any die-hard fan of Martin Phillipps’ output.

The Chills have long been recognized as one of New Zealand’s most influential bands, and ‘Brave Words’  is a shining example of their unique sound and has been praised as a masterpiece by critics and fans alike. 

‘Brave Words (Expanded and Remastered)’ out on either black or coloured double vinyl 27th October 2023 via Flying Nun Records and Fire Records. The album was remixed and remastered using multi-track masters donated by Flying Nun to the Alexander Turnbull Library and under the supervision of Martin Phillipps; this special release will also feature brand new reimagined artwork by Martin.