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The Best of The Instigators (Auckland Ska Punk 1981-1982)

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COLOUR: Black or White   EXTRAS: Deluxe (white) has bonus slipmat

This overdue revisit of the famed ska/punk group, The Instigators, led by Sonya Waters (Avoid! Avoid!, Orange), allows us to finally hear the long-hidden recordings that have been shrouded in obscurity for decades. While the band's lifespan was brief, they managed to record a single with Don McGlashan, a single with Steve Kennedy, and a cover of Desmond Dekker's The Israelites. This extensive collection also includes some incredible live recordings, resulting in a full-length LP's worth of exceptional tunes. A collaboration between Leather Jacket Records and Ripper Records, this best of compilation has been worth the wait, considering the amount of time these tracks have been kept in the shadows.