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  • Pickle Darling – Spring Onion Pancakes | Vinyl 7"
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Pickle Darling

Spring Onion Pancakes

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COLOUR: Yellow   EXTRAS: Limited to 150, 7"

"i first released this EP in 2017 and to be honest was kind of reluctant to reissue it, for a long time i felt really embarrassed about it. to me it sounds really clumsy and you can tell that this EP was my way of teaching myself how to write and record. for that reason i kind of haven't listened to it since it came out, and i originally only made 20 lathe cuts and wanted to leave it at that. revisiting it now, there is a kind of looseness and naivety to it that i really like. it sounds so unrefined and small and free and colourful and i don't think i've made anything like it since. i am proud of all the music I've made and released, but i think this one is particularly special to me now. hope you like it and forgive it for how clumsy it is" - Lukas Mayo