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The Body Electric

The Body Electric - Presentation and Reality + The Body Electric 12" (2022 Reissue)

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Flying Nun Records and Propeller Records are thrilled to announce a special double disc (and “double front cover”) vinyl release of The Body Electric’s iconic 1983 album Presentation and Reality, plus The Body Electric 12” with four remastered tracks from the same era; including ‘Pulsing’, ‘Who Takes the Rap’, ‘Dash 1721’ and ‘Rubber Knife. The tracks were remastered by Alan Jansson and Garry Smith at Uptown Studios.

The Body Electric are often referred to as the pioneers of electronica in Aotearoa, emerging in 1980 from the remains of the infamous Wellington Terrace Scene — which housed some of NZ’s most emblematic indie bands including The Steroids and Shoes This High.

Both The Body Electric EP and Presentation & Reality once sitting in $4.99 bins at Wellington’s Chelsea Records, eventually became extremely sought after all over the world. The original pressings are now worth upwards of $200 and they both remain pillars in New Zealand’s music history. 

The Body Electric EP and Presentation and Reality reissue will be available as a double disc package; a 45RPM 12” EP and 33RPM LP respectively. This release is brought to life by Flying Nun Records in collaboration with Propeller Records, and is the first physical reissue since the early 80s.


The Body Electric 12”

  1. Pulsing
  2. Who Takes The Rap
  3. Dash 1721
  4. Rubber Knife

Presentation and Reality LP

  1. Imagination
  2. Babies On Parade
  3. Illusion
  4. Interior Exile
  5. Zanzibar
  6. Dreaming In A Life
  7. You Left Me Waiting
  8. Night Pictures
  9. Compelling