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Grayson Gilmour

Grayson Gilmour - Holding Patterns

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Grayson Gilmour's brand new album, Holding Patterns — his first full-length release in over six years, is due out on November 3rd 2023 via Flying Nun Records.

Grayson Gilmour is an award-winning song writer, film score composer and performer. He has toured internationally as both a solo artist, and part of the post-punk outfit So So Modern, releasing works on labels all around the world. Following his previous albums No Constellation (2010), Infinite Life! (2014), and Otherness (2017), the upcoming Holding Patterns album is Grayson Gilmour’s fourth full-length release with New Zealand indie label Flying Nun Records.

Curious to work with different instrumentation, Grayson Gilmour ensured that there is practically no guitar on Holding Patterns. Any conventional piano or key parts were eventually rearranged into winds, strings or weird synth textures. Consequently, Holding Patterns is the artist’s most collaborative album to date. Improvisation was encouraged in most of the recording sessions with collaborators – the instrumental ‘Holding Patterns’ was actually completely improvised and re-assembled in the studio.