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Robert Scott

Robert Scott - Ends Run Together

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FN507 (2010)

The third solo album from Robert Scott (The Clean, The Bats) is an outstanding album of 13 engaging songs, as likely to appeal to any fan of great alternative pop as much as to those already familiar with his past projects. To Roberts guitar and voice (which has never sounded better) are added the talents of fellow Clean-er David Kilgour, and miraculously, even Lesley Paris (Look Blue, Go Purple) has been coaxed back onto a drumkit for some of the songs.

Jam-packed full of pop hooks, Ends Run Together features everything from squalling guitar rock (On the Lake, Too Early), dreamy pastoral folk (Days Run Together), through to the driving krautrock-ish pop of Daylight.

Scott does one thing and he does it well: writes beautifully crafted, folk-influenced pop songs. THREE THOUSAND

Ends Run Together takes me to places I need to check into more often. - UNDERTHERADAR

" is Scott's show and again you are in awe of the breadth of his musical vision....Scott, by virtue of those pivotal bands he has been in, is a mainstay of Flying Nun so it is only right he should be back on the resurrected label. With this quiet-loud collection he's done them and himself proud. Wonderful stuff."



  1. On The Lake
  2. Carmilla
  3. Days Run Together
  4. Too Early
  5. Messages
  6. The Moon Upstairs
  7. Greenwood Tree
  8. Born In A Tent
  9. The Rising Tide
  10. Some Other Time
  11. Daylight
  12. Tuscan Nights
  13. Terminus