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DARTZ - The Band from Wellington, New Zealand

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The Wellington Sound has arrived, and it is DARTZ. The party-punk foursome have recorded a collection of their fan favourite songs; their debut album titled The Band from Wellington, New Zealand. Their upcoming album is to be released digitally, on CD, and on vinyl via Flying Nun Records on the 4th of November 2022.

DARTZ are guitarist Crispy, bassist Clark Mathews, drummer Rollyz, and vocalist Danz. The four-piece, established in 2019 in New Zealand’s windy capital city, are a whirlwind of irrepressible personality who have quickly cemented themselves as one of Aotearoa’s fastest up-and-coming rock acts, having spent the past three years putting the foot to the pedal and building a diehard army of fans across the country.

After the award for Favourite Group at the inaugural NZ Student Radio Network Awards gave the DARTZ boys two free days of recording time at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios, the ciggy-chomping crew made their way up the country in early 2022 to embark on a Lion Brown-fuelled weekend of recording that saw them re-record eight of their fans’ favourite DARTZ hits, as well as lay down to tape two previously unrecorded songs that are similarly beloved by their live audience. 

The result of that weekend is The Band from Wellington, New Zealand: a 26-minute showcase of DARTZ’s party-starting live energy; specifically recorded, mixed and mastered to deliver the elusive feeling and sound of experiencing the band in person. While many of the band’s previous recordings were whirlwind bedroom efforts that saw songs written and recorded within a matter of days if not hours, TBFWNZ is DARTZ at the peak of their performative powers.

The Band from Wellington, New Zealand will be released on 4th November via Flying Nun Records, kicking off what one can only assume will be the greatest Kiwi summer in history, underscored by many a Lion Brown in the sun and a range of as-yet-unplanned DARTZ hijinks and schemes.